Cheap Tricks

Let me spill some truth first, nothing defines the essence of rock n roll better than Cheap Trick. These guys were pure magic, etching a new chapter in music history, all while shelling beats in pretty dope tees, denims, and those iconic black and white checkerboard hoodies. Now that is class! Honoring rock n roll in its raw form, Cheap Trick mesmerized us all with tunes like “I Want You to Want Me”, and “Surrender”. The world was their stage, and they owned it like bosses.

Living through the 80s, the days of auto-tunes and viral hits seem like a bad dream. Far from this, Cheap Trick had us headbanging to their authentic tracks that echoed passion and love for music. Reeking of rebellious energy, they were the underdogs who rose to fame with their distinctive melodious style, fueled by heart-thumping anthems and rebellious lyrics. The Cheap Trick magic wasn’t about manufacturing chart-topping tracks, it was about resonating with the crowd, evoking emotions, and creating timeless classics that instill nostalgia. This is the kind of music that gets you all fired up, the sort that made you feel alive.

Fast forward a few decades, and it’s disheartening to see the tumble music has taken. But all is not lost, folks. Slide on your fave tee or hood, plug in that old record player, and lose yourself in the explosive energy of Cheap Trick’s primal rock n roll. The sound, the feel, the memories – it’s all worth every bit. No matter what the world says, their era represented a time of musical greatness that today’s industry simply can’t compete with. No, Sir! They don’t make ’em like Cheap Trick anymore.

~ Sam ;))

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