The Endless Choice of Hoses🚰〰️〰

Sams TeeMail Thurs May 11 2023

Random experience yesterday, so the wife asked me to go and buy a hose to water plants. I got to Lowe’s and found myself drowning in choice (gettit!). The choice of hoses was endless! That’s the beauty of America, you have a choice for EVERYTHING. I mean, a hose is literally just a tube to pour water through, right? Wrong! There are different types of tubes, connectors, nozzles, etc, etc. If our American forefathers saw this they would laugh – they used a rubber tube, that’s all.

So I’m standing there staring at the wall, a guy is also shopping for a hose and he just grabs one like he knows what he wants, so I ask him what hose I need. He then talked and talked and talked about hose-choices for like 15 minutes until his wife played him off! Poor dude. He was crazy knowledgeable about what’s needed depending on what you are doing. If it’s a hose for the yard or a hose for cleaning the driveway (there’s a difference?). Well I said my wife wants to water plants. He responded, what plants… they are all different and some need water at the roots and some on the leaves. And what water pressure is needed, some pressure damages plants. Now I’m thinking why do we need such a choice of hoses – maybe if there was just 1 I would have bought it and left!

Got me thinking that EVERYONE is an expert in something and they WANT to show it, just give them the opportunity. We are taught wayyyy too young to mind our own business and I hate that. I’m serious, everyone has an expertise in something. Sometimes it’s crazy specific, like a local sports team or a particular tv show. Everyone has an expertise and they are usually too shy to show it or don’t see it as knowledge. For me personally, if a person truly has a deep knowledge in something – whatever it is – I’m gonna listen. Why? Because there are so many bullshitters and blaggers out there that love to talk for the sake of it. When you find an expert – tap into that resource. Or don’t – that’s your choice.

My attitude to this has created so many weird and random situations over the years. But you know what, my life is richer for it! So I encourage it, go out there and listen! I like to talk to strangers, it always teaches me something! Maybe I’m just THAT guy but you know something, people are truly happy when they have an audience to hear their skills. Start small, in my local bar there are always 1 or 2 vets having a drink, thank them for their service and ask for a story. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Old army stories get better over time!

Well done if you kept up with my Sam trail, I’ve been told my conversations deviate a lot. Now I’m going full circle here, if I’m gonna talk hose, I gotta shout out to Buffalo Bill who is an expert on both hoses and lotions! Weird tangent I know, but hear me out. People always say to me “why do you talk to strangers, aren’t you worried that someone is a serial killer” and to them I say that’s WHY you talk to them – you will know pretty quick!

Stay safe 🤘



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Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill It Will the Hose Men’s T Shirt


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