Sweethearts for your childhood crush

This Valentine’s Day the wife and I were discussing how we used to show affection when we were kids and a pattern emerged. We both remember exchanging those sweet little candy gems with my school crush and thinking we were the coolest! Whoever, invented Sweethearts was a frikkin genius! Those sugary pastel hearts with their cheeky little love notes embedded on them were the shit! They kept shy kids in the game for years! Seriously, It wasn’t just about unwrapping candy, it was about unwrapping sentiments, one tiny heart at a time. In a era sans snapchats and emojis, these candies were our language of love. They’ve been around for a long time, but boy, no candy epitomized the 80s and 90s quite like Sweethearts candy.

The Iconic Candy That’s Captured Hearts for Generations

So, let’s get down to the facts: why did Sweethearts capture so many hearts – and taste buds? Straight up, it was because they weren’t just candy, but rather a snapshot of our lifestyle back then. Unpretentious, yet punchy, faded and imperfect but got the message across – kind of like the vintage-ish punk rock band tees I used to wear. Remember those times when we used to have a sleepover and congregate around our bulky TV sets, with “Halloween” playing in the background, while we munched on these pastel delights? We would discuss with friends which specific Sweetheart candy we would give to which girl in school – that took some thought! They were sweet, sure – but they also stirred up sweet memories, conversations, and yes, sometimes even love. They were more than just a sugar fix – they were a thought experience in those days. Sort of like the innocent old-days way of saying it without saying it!

These days, you ask? Don’t get me started – let’s just say the age of innocence is long gone. It’s as if the kids are missing the simple charm that Sweethearts brought to our lives. Just like how digital communication and sliding into DM’s has replaced the cute ways of the past, candy too has lost its old-school appeal. So, here’s my two bits: sometimes, less is more. Maybe we need to switch off our phones, switch on some classic Whitney or Luther, and re-learn the lost art of flirting… with a Sweetheart candy or 2. Just food for thought, my friends.

Much Love



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