That sunset tho

Sam’s TeeMail Monday August 14th 2023


Trying my hardest to forget the weeks events and just settle in. You know, it’s kinda weird, what and how do you explore in a new city? , have you ever moved town?

I mean, I know the world is my oyster and blah blah blah. But where to start? I had to google it! So we went to the pier for a cocktail and a sunset. And boy… What a sunset!! 🌅

I had forgotten how epic these sunsets are on Florida’s left coast. It’s like a happy ending to a movie. Watching the sun melt into the sea, in summer heat with a chill margherita in hand… this may just be the right move for me

We made it… Just



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Jaws Vintage Amity Island Welcome Postcard Men’s T Shirt


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