The rent is too damn high 💸 If you feel the same, then read on

Sam’s TeeMail Weds May 10 2023

I’m gonna rant now. You won’t believe the absolute nonsense I have to deal with! Picture this: my greedy landlord has decided to raise my rent by a mind-boggling 40%—yes, you read that right, F-O-R-T-Y percent… because he can! My apartment building is 41 years old, it has bumps, leaks, smells and it most certainly isn’t any newer than it was when I first moved in. The apartment itself is fine, but again it ain’t 40% better in the last 3 years I lived here. There hasn’t been a single upgrade since I first stepped foot in it. Repairs yes, upgrades no. There’s been leaks, floods, blackouts… but no improvements.

Some people blame the economy, recession, inflation, etc etc, blah blah. To me, economy is the class that I fly in. Call it what you want, it’s just greed. Now, I’m no expert in economics, but I’m pretty sure the term “inflation” doesn’t mean landlords get to randomly pick numbers from thin air and slap them onto rent prices. But who am I to question their genius logic? The funny thing is… my landlord also rents!!

I must admit, it’s quite a skill to transform a mediocre apartment into a luxury penthouse with a simple stroke of a pen and an exorbitant rent increase. Who knew my living space had such hidden potential? I suppose I should thank my landlord for the unintentional comedy. It’s like they’re running some sort of twisted reality show, and me and my family are the unwilling contestants.

I know I’m not the only one in this boat, so if you feel me, holla back. It seems like every person I talk to has their own rent-hiking horror story to share. We’re all in this together, my friend. Misery loves company, after all.

So today’s mood comes from Redd Foxx himself

Keep Rockin 🤘




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