Father’s Day T-Shirts for the Big Daddy

Sam S – June 8 2024
What to buy Dad for Father’s Day? He already has everything he wants right, so it’s the thought that really counts for Father’s Day! Look, if you get it right with an awesome T-Shirt, that gets his sense of humor, his interests AND that he would wear in front of his friends – then you can be proud!  What would he actually wear in public?  

Could you or your father be a Big Daddy?

He is a big big big man, unhealthily large, intimidatingly huge! But Is he a Big Teddy Bear at heart? Maybe he is a BFG – Big Friendly Giant – he looks big and mean and intimidating BUT in reality is he totally harmless! Is he so big that people wonder if he was a wrestler or a whale? But are his hugs the best! He probably should try to lose some weight, but he loves his food. Really loves his food. Then he should try to squeeze into these Tees – also available in Big & Tall sizing, obviously.  
    1. Is the subject of many “Yo Daddy so fat….” jokes
    2. Eats everyone’s leftovers
    3. Keeps snacks in his car… just in case (!)
    4. Wears a pretty diabetes bracelet and all clothing has an X in the size
    5. He has a pincer tool to grab things from the sofa so he doesn’t have to get up
    6. He rates and compares all restaurants based on “portion size”
    7. Walks at 0.3 mph… and is STILL out of breath
    8. Has actually broken chairs sitting in them
    9. He takes more than a minute to stand up
    10. Often yells at his kids… “If I have to get up I’m gonna be so mad!”

Words to live by:

  “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  

His hobbies include: 

    1. Eating at home
    2. Eating out
    3. Eating some more

His ideal gift would be: 

  • Everything on the Cheesecake Factory menu. Twice pls

The ideal T-shirt gifts for him: 

      1. Andre The Giant Size Does Matter T-Shirt
        Andre The Giant Size Does Matter T-Shirt
      2. Animal House men's T-Shirt
        Animal House Fat Drunk & Stupid Men’s T-Shirt 
        Killer Klowns Chubby T-Shirt
        Killer Klowns Chubby T-Shirt
4. And for a big fun Xmas?
Ghostbusters Merry Xmas Stay Puft Men’s T Shirt
Ghostbusters Merry Xmas Stay Puft Men’s T Shirt
  I compiled a list of 16 t-shirts for Father’s Day that should cover all bases!   Check out the Dad SocieTee for more inspo   BACK to Father’s Day Blog  
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