Father’s Day T-Shirts for the Dad Joker

Sam S – June 7 2023

What to buy Dad for Father’s Day? He already has everything he wants right, so it’s the thought that really counts for Father’s Day! Look, if you get it right with an awesome T-Shirt, that gets his sense of humor, his interests AND that he would wear in front of his friends – then you can be proud!  What would he actually wear in public?


Could you or your father be a Dad Jokester?

Even the name works on many levels, the Dad Joker is master of Dad Jokes, bad puns and slapstick humor. So, is your Dad Funnier than Will Ferrell or does he just think he’s the funniest guy alive? Is he ‘Ace’ at ‘Ventura-ing’ to make really bad puns? Does he laugh at immature words or farts (mature or immature). Then this shirt will fit him to a Tee! (Gettit!). In all ‘seriousness’ this dad would really appreciate funny t-shirts for Father’s Day. 


    1. Always repeats his jokes, just in case some lucky person missed it
    2. Emphasizes his puns, so people know EGGxactly what he means when he’s YOLKing around
    3. If someone else makes a joke he will add “ba dum tss” 🥁 effect to get the last word
    4. Was voted Class Clown in High School – your high school
    5. MUST be joker not jokee or audience – Never likes to be the butt of the joke
    6. Never knows when to stop, goes overboard a lot
    7. Fluent in bad dad jokes. And repeats them. Forever
    8. Happiest when making everyone laugh (and groan) with his wordplay
    9. Imitates his favorite movie comic characters – Ace Ventura, Forrest Gump, Ron Burgundy, in fact, anything Will Ferrell!

Words to live by:


“Life without laughter would be a dull affair.”

His hobbies include: 

    1. Watching funny movies
    2. Volunteering as a hospital clown or santa
    3. Socializing


His ideal gift would be: 

  • Netflix with only comedy movies in it (and none of those ‘Dark comedies’ with George Clooney or Woody Allen either!)

The ideal T-shirt gifts for him: 

    1. Talladega Nights Magic Man T-Shirt
      Talladega Nights Magic Man T-Shirt
    2. Airplane Don't Call me Shirley Men's T Shirt
      Airplane Don’t Call me Shirley Men’s T Shirt
    3. Anchorman Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed Men's T Shirt
      Anchorman Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed Men’s T Shirt
    4. And for Xmas?
      Mr T Pity the Naughty T-Shirt
      Mr T Pity the Naughty T-Shirt


I compiled a list of t-shirts for Father’s Day that should cover all bases!


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