Father’s Day T-Shirts for the Hold-My-Beer Dad

Sam S – June 6 2024


What to buy Dad for Father’s Day? He already has everything he wants right, so it’s the thought that really counts for Father’s Day! Look, if you get it right with an awesome T-Shirt, that gets his sense of humor, his interests AND that he would wear in front of his friends – then you can be proud!  What would he actually wear in public?


Could you or your father be a Hold-My-Beer Dad?

Your friends may call him drunk dad, you resent that. Does your dad NEED a beer when he gets home from work? Is there always alcohol at home, somewhere, and not just the fridge in the kitchen? Is your Dad weirdly proud of his Dad-Bod? Does he have a “local” watering hole? Finally, did he want to be the one to give you your first taste of beer?


Look, I’m not saying he’s an alcoholic, he just likes a beer now and then, like when he’s fishing, watching TV, bowling, unwinding, at the ballgame, etc, etc. Gatherings and occasions are always an excuse to bring out the “top-shelf” bottles – that’s what he means when he is looking for his Christmas Spirit! Then he should try to squeeze into this tee (available in bigger sizes just in case).



    1. Sofa has cup holders
    2. Holds the family record for most beers in one afternoon. No-one else was counting
    3. Can burp the alphabet
    4. Definitely thinks he’s more fun after he’s had a few
    5. Proud of his dad-bod, says it’s taken years of drinks to get this shape
    6. Has a seat at the local dive bar
    7. Has mini-fridge’s (plural) in the lounge, next to the grill and in the garage
    8. Likes finishing, but thinks it’s more drinking on a boat
    9. Prefers beer to water, always.
    10. Activities just seem a bit more fun after a beer or 3


Words to live by:


“Hold my beer and watch this!”

His hobbies include: 


    1. Drinkin, duh!
    2. Bowling
    3. Watching sports


His ideal gift would be: 


  • A keg in the garage with a lifetime’s supply of Coors

The ideal T-shirt gifts for him: 

    1. Drunk Society Beer Olympics Drinking Team T-Shirt
      Drunk Society Beer Olympics Drinking Team T-Shirt


    2. Drunk Society Beer Olympics Drinking Team T-Shirt
      Drunk Society Beer Olympics Drinking Team T-Shirt
    3. Gray Old School t shirt with once it hits your lips, it's so good text
      Old School Funnel Hits Your Lips Men’s T Shirt 
    4. And for Xmas?
      Ghostbusters Christmas Spirit Men's T Shirt
      Ghostbusters Christmas Spirit Men’s T Shirt

I compiled a list of t-shirts for Father’s Day that should cover all bases! Check out the Dad SocieTee for more inspo


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