Do you believe in Ghosts?

Sam’s TeeMail Thursday October 19th 2023


I dunno how your brain works 🧠, but mine always goes on unrelated trails. Lemme explain… So decided to have a movie night last night and watched that Haunted Mansion remake. It’s ok, so then I thought was it based on a true story. So I googled that. Do you believe in haunted houses and ghosts?

Ended up googling movies about real haunted houses 🏚 and went down a DEEP rabbit hole about the Amityville Horror. Dude, have you read about it?!

That is some disturbing stuff, won’t be visiting that house any time soon!

Stay Alert 🏚




Amityville Horror House Lake Reflection T-Shirt
Amityville Horror House Lake Reflection T-Shirt

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