What’s with all the Horror?

Sam’s TeeMail October 7th, 2023


Ahhh October! A freshness in the air, every store smells like pumpkin-spice or cinamon and the fall TV schedules are looking scary. Whether you watch good ol cable television or a streamer – it’sĀ Horror Season!

There are sooo manyĀ Horror moviesĀ to choose from these days, theĀ business of Horror is strong these days. BUT they don’t make em like they used to. For me it’s all about breaking the genre rules and not just the gory the better, but hey, maybe that’s just me. I’m just a Misfit

In the next few weeks I will pull out some of my favorite horror tees and tell you why I love them

Stay scary




Misfits Horror Business T-Shirt
Misfits Horror Business T-Shirt

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