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Sam’s TeeMail May 27th 2023


Just like Mr. T, I will never fly this airline again. I gave them a chance to make things better, let me put it like this, we didn’t even land in the right airport! What fools are flyin this plane?!

Then when we landed the 🧑‍✈️ pilot’s shift ended so had to wait for them to drive one up to fly us home! Also, there were a million people in DEN airport at 5:00 am… why?

Why did I expect any difference?!

Anyways, it confirmed the lesson I learned last week. If you make the cheapest choice you pay twice! Moving forward, I am looking for value because saving money cost me sanity!

Now I gotta get used to the Florida ☀️ humidity again

Stay cool 🤘🧊




Mr T Dying Before I'm Flying T-Shirt
Mr T Dying Before I’m Flying T-Shirt

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