The Musical Enigma of Slash

Sam S.  Jan 16th 2024

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to a time when music had soul, to the rise of one of rock’s inimitable pioneers, Saul Hudson AKA Slash. When I was a youngster, learning the drums (true story) I would practise while listening to Guns n Roses, starting with Use Your Illusion II. Steven Adler‘s drumming blew me away. Slash on the guitar was what made GnR in my eyes, he skill was so effortless yet mesmerizing.

Slash was (and still is) the antithesis of everything pop, with his top hat, wild hair, and cigarette dangling from his lips as he weaved wizardry on his Gibson. The first notes of “Sweet Child o’ Mine” sent shivers down your spine, painting a picture of a reckless, raw energy that’s lacking in today’s guitar strumming poster boys. Slash with his Les Paul was like a magician with his wand – he could make you feel like you’re standing on the edge of reality. His guitar solos were pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll – impulsive, wild, and heartbreakingly beautiful. It was never about selling records or being a frontman, for Slash it was about melting faces and blowing minds with a guitar.

Slash was Guns n’Roses

Let’s get things straight here, Slash didn’t just play in Guns N’ Roses, he defined their sound. In a time of hairspray, tight pants, and makeup, Slash was authentically his own brand of cool. His work in Guns N’ Roses, from the soaring emotional inflection of “November Rain” to the grunge-infused anthems of the Use Your Illusion albums, showcased his versatility and genius. Guns N’ Roses was a band true to its roots, and Slash brought the essence of rock to the forefront, shoving it in the face of the pretentious music industry – well that’s how I saw it as a young’un! Where today’s artists need auto-tuning, Slash gave us face-melting riffs and solos that still resonate, decades later. Music today feels sterilized, diluted; it’s missing the raw, electrifying style that Slash embodies. Slash mentioned Paradise City is his favourite Guns N’ Roses song and he wrote it by playing random tunes on his guitar with the rest of the band while they were on tour.


Slash goes Solo

The transition from being in one of rock’s most influential bands to becoming a successful solo artist ain’t a walk in the park. But Slash did it his way, keeping his rebel spirit alive and proving his mettle with his fantastic solo material. He continued to create authentic, powerful music that had a life of its own, music that makes you feel alive, that gives you goosebumps. He’s the guitar great of our era, a modern-day legend who plays from the soul – a real live Guitar Hero.

Where we have dime a dozen synthetic pop stars today, I’m happier sticking with the old-school legends, like Slash. A man who lives and breathes music, a rebel guitarist who ignored the trends and wrote his own rules. This dude could bust out a filthy guitar solo on stage, balancing his hat – all while smoking a cigarette 🚬. He was the king of cool when I was younger and not much has changed – not even his hair!

Keep Rockin 🤘



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