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Sam’s TeeMail Tuesday May 30th 2023

You know that look the wife gives you when she says “You forgot didn’t you”… And if you don’t that look, then you guessed it – you’re the one giving the look!

My wife is kinda mad at me that I didn’t do the Memorial Day sale in time for the weekend. She says “i can’t believe you forgot Memorial Day, it’s literally in the name!”. In my defence, I didn’t forget, I was hungover and didn’t wanna get up early!

So my wife is telling me I should do the “right thing” and extend the sale until next weekend to make up for it. So I will. And you can thank her for it, but please don’t or I won’t hear the end of it!

Save $20 on all orders over 1 item – use code LEGENDSNEVERDIE, sale extended thru next weekend now

Today’s mood is brought to you by Hunger Games, not saying my wife looks like Jennifer Lawrence, it’s that “if looks could kill” expression… with a burning arrow!

Stay safe 🤘



Hunger Games Katniss Girl T-Shirt
Hunger Games Katniss Girl T-Shirt

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