Miami weather is insane ⛈️ Epic shitstorms above 💩

Sam’s TeeMail May 18th 2023

If you’ve never experienced Miami rainfall, holy cow… how to describe it! So this morning, I’m driving across alligator alley (I-75) again, it’s blue skies and 86 degrees (as always). Outta nowhere sky turns black and there is crazy rain so hard that you can’t see a foot in front of the car and there is a foot of water on the road – scary 💩 ⛈️! This describes Miami weather in a nutshell, crazier than a bagful of frogs!

Miami, being bizarro-land, is dry again within 30 minutes. Those 15 mins of epic rain cause every car on the freeway to hit panic buttons! Some cars 🚗 brake suddenly, some turn their hazard lights on and some just gun straight through leaving a wave in their wake! Does this ever happen where you are?

This Tee is the only one to capture todays vibe, it’s by Garbage which is also a description of this weather!

Stay dry 🤘



Garbage Happy When It T-Shirt
Garbage Rain Smiley Men’s T Shirt


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