Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Sam’s TeeMail July 15th, 2023


After chatting with some of you across the country, it seems as though everyone is suffering a weirdly hot summer this year. Although that doesn’t make me feel cooler 😎 – we are all in the same hot sweaty boat! BUT I’m definitely hotter than you!

A buddy of mine commented that he’d rather be too hot than too cold… even tho it’s a sizzling 96 in Denver. I agree with him, I live in Florida BECAUSE I can’t stand the cold. In fact, I actually haven’t yet met someone who would rather be too cold – any votes for that ?

All that being said, there’s being too hot and then there’s being borderline heatstroke and melting every second you’re outside. I’m built for heat, but 110 degrees is an oven setting!

I know we are all feeling the heat and it’s not a competition BUT I think I’m hotter than you!

Stay ice cool 🤘


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