You don’t notice til it’s too late

Sam’s TeeMail, July 26th 2023


Heat stroke is real and You don’t notice til it’s too late! Yesterday evening we went to dinner with some friends at a nice spot by the water here. Beautiful afternoon sun with great company, delicious fish tacos and a couple beers.

I know IĀ didn’t drink that much because ya just know. But after some time, IĀ got up to go to the bathroom, dropped my keys, bent down to pick em up and came over all dizzy.

This heat just creeps up on you. You’re so hot all of the time, clothes are just sweat-drenched, you just don’t notice that you’ve just baked yourself!

If you’ve never hadĀ heatstroke, you feel just OFF, bit dizzy, a bit nauseous, hot and overheated.Ā A few pints of water, a cold shower and an early night fixed the problem… that’s how you learn!

Stay cool


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